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Pontefract Cakes -Soft Liquorice Coins, also known as Pomfret Cakes - a firm favourite in our online sweet shop and we must have sold millions of Pontefract Cakes since we opened in 2004. Try and open a bag of Pontefract Cakes and just eat one..... it's impossible!!

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Pontefract Cakes - an iconic BRITISH SWEET and our best selling sweet in our online sweet shop and traditional sweet shop in Yorkshire.

Traditional Soft Liquorice coins made by Taveners which is sweet in taste and has a smooth texture. In our traditional sweet shop and our online sweet shop we sell hundreds of these liquorice sweets each day, a firm sweet favourite which is hard to beat!

Pontefract Cakes also known as Pomfret Cakes or Yorkshire Pennies, were always traditionally made in Pontefract, not that far from Masham. These sweets are the number one best seller in Bah Humbugs and they're a genuine Yorkshire Sweet having first being made back in 1614 would you believe?

Did you know:- Up to the 1960s all Pontefract Cakes where made by hand and a person who made them was known as a Thumper or a Caker! Now get this for a fact, up until the 1960's each Pontefract Cake was stamped by hand, and each Thumper could press bewteen 20,000 and 25,000 cakes A DAY!!!!

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