• Makeover Magic

    Calling all Bah Humbugs followers!!

    Spring has sprung, the daffodils are in full bloom and lambs are appearing in the fields, but that is not all that is happening this year...

    Here at Bah Humbugs we have had a makeover!  Our traditional sweet shop has a fresh new look but somehow looks even more traditional, with dresser style units cram packed with sweet delights. If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near us, why not pay us a visit and see the transformation in the shop? We still have all the traditional sweets - ranges of boiled, bon bons, classic humbugs and mints, liquorice, toffees, retro and many, many more - all now displayed beautifully in our renovated shop.

    before after picshop collage 1 shop collage 2

    A BIG thank you to Hedgehog furniture (www.hedgehogfurniture.co.uk / https://en-gb.facebook.com/hedgehogfurniture )  for creating our beautiful units, we LOVE them!

    Also new to Bah Humbugs is some rather yummy milkshakes! Made using only the best Brymor Ice Cream, fresh whipped cream and sauces and toppings of your choice. So, as the weather continues to improve, call in and treat yourself!

    milkshake collage


  • Valentine's Day... know what you're doing yet?

    Hello all Bah Humbug followers!

    What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

    How many of you have given thought to what you're going to give your Valentine in 12 days time?  Have you spent hours, days and weeks planning a special meal, a surprise outing, a trip somewhere romantic?  Is your Valentine already your partner or are you still a secret admirer?

    Sweet Gifts for Valentine's Day

    Whatever you have already done, or plan to do, why not add a little sugary element and present your Valentine with a Sweet Gift from Bah Humbugs?  You can get plenty of ideas on our website www.bahhumbugs.com.  Perhaps a Decade Bucket for a trip down memory lane?  Or a Sweet Bucket full of your Valentine's favourites?  Maybe a mixture of Cherry Lips, Love Hearts, Strawberry Hearts would hit the spot?  If you can't see exactly what you're looking for you could drop us an email at sales@bahhumbugs.com and let us know what you want.  If we can do it we will.

    Classic Fudge for Valentine's Day

    We also do the most amazing fudge, which is always a winner!  Flavours include Clotted Cream, Coffee, Maple and Walnut, Rum and Raisin, Chocolate, Vanilla, and if that's not enough we have Peanut Brittle and Coconut Ice!  Why not get us to put together a Fudge Hamper especially made for your Valentine?  Have a look at some of our Hamper selection if you're still not sure.

    Check out some history about Valentine's Day and perhaps get some more ideas here Valentine's Day - Facts, Origin, Meaning and Videos.  Whatever it is you decide to do for your Valentine in 2017 make sure you do it with love.

    Happy Valentine's Day! X

  • Does New Year mean a healthier you?

    A Happy New Year to all!!

    The team at Bah Humbugs hope you had a fun and festive Christmas and welcomed 2017 in with fireworks and champagne!!

    At this time of year many people take a look at their lifestyle and resolve to improve things in the year to come.  We at Bah Humbugs are no different and, despite being in the business of supplying delicious traditional sweets and treats to the nation, we also understand the need to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

    Following a good investigation of our products we have come up with a list of sweets that you can fit into a healthy way of life without suffering the pangs of guilt for falling off the sweet wagon!  So, hold on to your resolve by all means, but have a quick look at the list to see if anything takes your fancy!  We would always recommend that you consume your treats in moderation, and so everything on this list we would advise you work out a plan to fit them in with the rest of your balanced diet...

    Chocolate Covered Treats

    We have a range of delicious treats wrapped in a chocolate coating.... raisins, peanuts, brazil nuts and crystallised ginger, all of which are good for you and, if you add them into your treat allowance, they may just help you stay on the straight and narrow by giving you a little boost!


    Mint Humbugs

    Our mint and humbug range is extensive and we've included them in this list as they are so refreshing and give you a little sugar boost when you need one, especially if you've reduced your intake in other areas.  We would suggest a variety to use as after dinner mints so they become part of your meal rather than a sweet for the sake of eating one.  We have delicious mint crumbles, buttermint bonbons, classic mint imperials, golden humbugs, stripey humbugs, mintoes, spearmint chews and many more! Dinner guests will also appreciate these on the table to finish off their meal.

    Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    Smoothie Blend Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    If you're into 'bean counting' or calorie counting then why not try a mix of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. You can count out your allowance and eat them whenever you want!  Each Jelly Belly Jelly Bean is 4 calories, so you can have 25 beans for just 100 calories!  Whether you're with a slimming club or just counting your calories most people can squeeze 100 calories out of their daily calorie allowance for a treat, so we think this a great one for those managing their daily intake.


    Bassett's Liquorice Catherine Wheels

    There are many claims of health benefits from liquorice, including soothing gastrointestinal problems - a common issue after so much overindulgence in December!  It is also thought to help cleanse the respiratory system - something that we could all do with to keep the winter colds at bay.  Liquorice may help relieve stress by balancing cortisol levels in the adrenal gland. Now, although we don't have the medical evidence to prove these claims, liquorice has been used for millennia as a health supplement, so who are we to argue?

    Sugar Free

    There will be many of you who have decided to reduce your sugar intake, either for specific health reasons, or as a general improvement of your diet.  If this is you, then we have a lovely range of sugar free sweets, including some traditional favourite flavours such as Sherbet Lemons, Rhubarb & Custards, Chocolate Eclairs, Spearmints Chews and many more.

    In summary, whatever your plan for the New Year for your health and well-being, remember that you can build treats into it.  Check out our website http://www.bahhumbugs.com/ for ideas, and if you have any questions then drop us an email sales@bahhumbugs.com

    With our best wishes for a happy, healthy and fun filled 2017, from all at Bah Humbugs xx


    Black Firday Deals 2

    Well, this time of year has come round again and it only means one thing, CHRISTMAS DAY is 1 month away! So Bah Humbugs has come to the party to help make you pennies stretch that little bit further and we offering FREE postage for all HAMPERS and SWEET DECADE BUCKETS! But be quick as the offer is only valid until Saturday 26th November. To take advantage of this offer, enter FREEPOSTAGE when you visit www.bahhumbugs.com on the checkout page! HAPPY SHOPPING!

    Enjoy - Mr Bean - Jumping the queue at the sales

  • Planning a Wedding? Need some favours? Look no further!!

    Hi all!

    If you're planning a wedding and you need some inspiration for your wedding favours have you thought of getting Bah Humbugs to provide them?

    You can choose from our huge range of hundreds of different sweets, and we can package them up any way you wish.  From a simple bag with a ribbon to match your colour scheme, to a range of sweet jars containing any variety of sweets.  We also have a sweet cart which can be hired complete with sweets for your guests to help themselves. We can work with you to provide whatever takes your fancy, so if you have an idea you want to run past us then please do.  No two weddings are the same and every bride deserves the best!

    We are happy to be supporting a new wedding venue, http://www.barolinweddings.com/ in a wedding event they are holding this weekend, Friday 4th to Sunday 6th November, promoting everything wedding related.  Barolin offer a wonderful service focusing on all aspects of your wedding and we are delighted to be working with them.

    Wedding Favours at Barolin Weddings


    Give us a call or drop an email if you want to discuss anything and we will be happy to help!

    Bah Humbugs



  • Autumn, Halloween, Bonfires and Raincoats!

    Hello all Bah Humbug followers!

    How are you finding the drop in temperature as we enter autumn? Bit of a shock after the sunshine of the summer.  Here in Masham the raincoats and umbrellas have made an appearance but for half term week it looks as though the sun will be shining, for at least some of the time anyway. Let's hope it last until Halloween so that all the Trick or Treaters out there can stay dry while they scare their victims!





    We're making preparations for our Halloween offering so, for everyone who doesn't want to have a trick played, make sure you put a visit to the shop on your list of things to do and stock up on your treats.



    We have lots of Halloween themed treats, chocolate eye balls, Halloween chocolate coins, special Halloween sours and much, much more! The shop is decorated and awaiting your visit but be prepared, we have some spooky guests!


    Looking a little further forward with an eye on the bonfire season we have added to our usual toffee offering with wonderful bonfire toffees, together with a bigger choice of Mega Lollies, including Treacle or Toffee.  You might just be looking for something to warm you up, and we have a great range of herbal sweets that are just the job.








    For any locals who listen to Radio York, you may have heard clues on their Finders Keepers slot which would lead you to our door.  It's always great fun to be included in local broadcast and events so we hope you were listening but if you missed it you can catch up here.

    Bah Humbugs - BBC Radio York - Finders Keepers October 2016.mp3

    We look forward to seeing you soon and don't forget that if you live further afield you can always order online or drop us an email if you have any special requests for party bags, gifts or special orders.


    Bah Humbugs

  • All change...... but some things stay the same!

    Hi all

    Avid Bah Humbug followers will not be surprised to hear that August brought a change of ownership for our lovely traditional sweet shop.

    The original Mrs Humbug, after more than 12 years in the shop, has decided to move on to new challenges.  However, do not despair!  We have a new Mrs Humbug who brings with her a love for our current traditional sweet offering, together with some very exciting ideas for increasing and improving the selection of sweets we can offer.

    Some ideas are simple, expanding the range of flavours offered within certain sweet 'types' and increasing, where possible, the existing range of sweets, continuing to source products from traditional manufacturers, many of whom have been using the same wonderful recipes and techniques for the last century.

    We will continue to supply corporate gifts, wedding favours, and don't forget our Sweet Cart which is available to hire for Weddings, Birthdays or other celebrations.  If you're shopping for gifts the hampers, buckets, bottles and cones are still available and we plan to add more to the range.

    With the children just back to school after their long summer break we are looking to the next event in the calendar, so watch out for our spooky Halloween sweets to terrify those trick or treaters!  If you are having a Halloween party why not get a few party bags made up for your guests? Or if you want a bucket of sweets to offer to visitors then we have just the thing!

    Any questions give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

    'Til next time x

  • Retro view - a sweeter side to the Referendum

    Hi all

    On this very historic day, when the sweet loving public of Great Britain get a chance to cast their vote for possibly the most important decision we make in our lifetime, we thought we would add a lighter note to the proceedings and take a look at some of the sweets that have seen us through from the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the establishment of the European Community and the formation of the European Union.

    From the 1950's onwards many sweets have come and gone, some remembered fondly and their loss lamented, with others having stood the test of time, continuing to be favourites today.  Which sweets do you remember from childhood?  Maybe we can jog your memory a little with this retro selection:

    Launched in 1957 Launched in 1957

    The drumstick lolly, with it's distinct Milk and Raspberry flavours was launched by Matlow Brothers in the same year that The Treaty of Rome was signed by six European states.  The breakthrough of a wrapped lolly was made by Trevor Matlow as he experimented with a new chew wrapping machine,


    Been around longer that the European Community Been around longer that the European Community

    Love Hearts were first manufactured in 1953, before the creation of the European Community.  Originally they were only sold within the Swizzels Christmas cracker, but proved so popular it was decided to introduce them as an ongoing line.  During the 1960's the sweets were given away attached to the front of popular children's comics and over the years have been translated into different languages for export, have been produced as commemorative limited edition versions and was iconic enough for a Love Heart sculpture to be placed in the Millennium Dome.

    Dip Dab Double DipWhich of these two were your favourites?  We think the Double Dip came first but other than them being around for longer than the EU we're not sure.  We do know they're both delicious though, and there is something about sherbet of any kind that transports you back to childhood!

    We have so many more sweets to add to this list but I shall resist!  Obviously all of them are bundled up into one big box of memories as our Retro Hamper, but then most of you reading this will know that!

    Bursting with flavours that will take your taste buds on a tantalising trip down memory lane.... Bursting with flavours that will take your taste buds on a tantalising trip down memory lane....

    Whichever way you have decided to vote today let's hope that, as a nation, we make the right choice!


    With Father's Day just around the corner next month we thought we'd treat our loyal customers to an extra 15% OFF online orders at Bah Humbugs over £10 when being sent to a UK address.

    To get your hands on the discount, you just need to enter offer code BAHHUMBUGS onto the checkout page and the discount will be applied automatically. Valid until the end of May 2016.

    Dads are always hard to buy for, but our Sweet Hampers and Sweet Buckets are a great gift for dads - transporting them on a happy, nostalgic trip down memory lane. Take a look at these gifts below and we're certain there will be something to tempt your dad's taste buds!!

    We imagine these will be our best sellers for Father's Day this year:-

    Lion's Sweet Hamper - complete with the full current selection of Lion's Sweets... Midget Gems (proper ones!), Sports Mixtures, Fruit Salads, Fruit Pastilles, Poor Bens, Liquorice Gums & Wine Gums. It weighs a whopping 1.6kg and is totally scrumptious!

    1950s Fabulous Fifties Decade Sweet Hamper - 1.5kg of sweets from the 1950s including Pontefract Cakes, Dolly Mixture, Barley Sugars, Liquorice Root & Loads more!

    Liquorice Sweet Hamper - super selection of our best selling liquorices, including Ponteract Cakes, Liquorice Cream Rock, Catherine Wheels, Liquorice Sticks, Liquorice Toffees, Liqourice All Sorts, Blackcurrant & Liquorices & more!

    1960s Swinging Sixties Decade Sweet Hamper - 1.5kg selection of all the sweets that were popular in the 1960s, Torepdoes, Coconut Mushrooms, Rhubarb & Custards, Mintoes & lots of Retro Delights like Parma Violets, Fizzers, Drumsticks etc!

    decade sweet buckets The Bah Humbugs Decade Sweet Hampers
  • Bah Humbugs - Make the Most of Masham

    Hello from the Team at Bah Humbugs!

    If you're local then it's a great time to be in and around Masham, especially if you're looking for a little shopping discount with a bonus!  If you're not local and planning on visiting us for a holiday, or you're just passing through you can still join our Make the Most of Masham loyalty card scheme and benefit from the discounts and offers available.

    What you get...

    For £5 you get a beautiful cotton bag with with an illustration by local artist Rob Blades, and a membership card for the Make the Most of Masham Scheme which entitles you to various discounts, benefits and offers at many local businesses.  You can buy your bag and membership card here at Bah Humbugs, @bahhumbugs, and every time you spend £10 or more you will get a 10% discount so, if you're looking to stock up on your sweets, buy a gift from our great range of Decade Buckets, Retro Hampers, Sweet Buckets, or many others options then this gives you a fabulous discount. Bags are also available at Masham Community Office, @VisitMasham, and a few other participating shops. Why not pop in to get yours? For more info go to the Visit Masham website

    Bag Illustration by Rob Blades

    Bag Illustration by Rob Blades


    Support for Masham

    We are also very excited about the support we are getting from Stray FM at the moment! @StrayFM are getting ready to launch a three month 'flag-waving' campaign to promote our town, so tune in and make sure you keep up to date with what's going on.

    We look forward to you popping in and grabbing your bag!



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